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Payment Options

To confirm commitment and value, the total cost is to be paid in advance or at the first meeting. Call today if you should have any questions about The Uncovering's payment options.


$100.00, by 100 people = $10,000.00 toward a 4-day
with 20 leaders and 80 hurting hearts and marriages.


Weekly Small Group

$350, 14 Weeks, Small Group
($25.00 per Week x 14 Weeks, Minimum 3 Guys)


Weekly One-on-One

$840, 14 Weeks, Private, In-Person, or Online
($60 per Week/per Hour x 14)


Intensive 48 Hours

$1,440.00*, 24 Hours, Private, Friday - Sunday
($60 x 24)

*Additional costs if we want to get a private overnight venue.


Workshop Multi-Day

To Be Determined


The Uncovering Manual

$50, 120-Page Spiral-Bound Workbook


One Day

$720, 12 Hours, Private
($60 x 12 hours, + sleep and meals)



Your Monthly Support Makes Our Vision and Mission Possible.


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