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Here are endorsements of The Uncovering, given by real people who have worked with us. Contact us today!

"Brian Fowler has the experience and passion for people that in itself is transformative. His experiential workshop, The Uncovering, will indeed be a catalytic program for all!"

— Daniel Tocchini (Founder of ACCD and Blood & Ethos)

"My name is Craig Rees and I have known Brian Fowler for four years. He has served in various capacities at Central Wesleyan Church, where I am the Lead Pastor. For the last two years Brian has served on the leadership team for our Celebrate Recovery Ministry, where he serves as the Training ministry coordinator. In all my years of experience, some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Brian is one of those people. He is well known for his creativity, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership, diligence, teaching and training, and commitment to excellence. He is well respected throughout our church being the "go-to" person when people, especially men, are dealing with life-controlling hurts, habits, and hang-ups. His commitment and time he invests in helping people find freedom, is an example to many. Throughout the time I've known him, he has shown me time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential to excel in anything he puts his heart and hands towards. During his time here, he played an important role in bringing our Celebrate Recovery ministry where it is today. His commitment to serve expresses Brian's servant heart. In conclusion, due to his great attitude, dedication and commitment to excellence, I would heartily recommend Brian to you."

— Craig Rees, Lead Pastor, Central Wesleyan Church, Holland, Michigan

"What I love about Brian is his integrity. Brian, as the training coach for our ministry, is frequently teaching. Whether that be training leaders and emerging leaders or teaching in the large Celebrate Recovery meetings, Brian always comes prepared. He is very thorough, personable, applicable and caring. His compassion for those trapped in their addictions and suffering is clear to see. Brian's integrity and love shine through in how his ministry off the stage expresses what he shares on it. Brian works on the leadership team for our Celebrate Recovery Ministry, where he serves as the Training coach. Brian also serves as an Open Share Group leader. He is a critical member of our ministry leadership. As an open share group leader Brian actively walks alongside men in their addictions. When people struggle, Brian is there. His own personal recovery journey is an example to many and through Brian's ministry many have made his recovery example their own personal experience. Throughout the time I've known him, he has shown me time and again that he is a committed, dedicated, detailed, creative, and compassionate leader who will bless those with whom he ministers. Brian has played a critical role in making our Celebrate Recovery ministry as effective as it is. I heartily recommend Brian to you."

— Wibke Rees, Celebrate Recovery Ministry Coordinator and Wife of Craig Rees, Central Wesleyan Church

"I first met Brian Fowler about 14 years ago when he started dating my sister. Needless to say I was going to be skeptical of anyone who could potentially hurt my "baby" sister. But as I got to know Brian I soon came to realize that he was the real deal. Early on he shared his own story of addiction and freedom which is truly inspirational. And then I watched him as he journeyed with other addicts. I saw a man who was willing to sacrifice and who really cared for the men he worked with. I heard stories of transformation and healing that moved me deeply. In 2016 Brian came to South Africa, simply to accompany his wife who came to help with the Global Leadership Summit. Just before he arrived I asked him if he would be willing to share his story, if I got a group of people together. He agreed and our last minute meeting attracted more than 150 people! The rest of the time he was here he was busy meeting with churches as well as individuals. Clearly there was massive need. When Brian spoke about his desire to run his 4-day Uncovering event in South Africa I was very excited. I believe for anyone struggling with sexual addiction this course would be life changing! Brian Fowler along with the material he has put together comes with my highest recommendation!"

— Skip Collins, Campus Pastor, Grace Family Church, Durban, South Africa

"My name is Madz and I head up Grace Counseling a ministry of Grace Family Church, where I met Brian and his wife in 2016. From day one Brian's heart was to share his story in the hope that it would bring freedom, even if only to one other. His willingness to serve and his humble transparency draws others to bring their stories into the light. No topic is off the table for Brian, he is real, honest and has a calling to be used by God to aid people on their journey of healing. I fully believe everyone needs to hear his message of warning and hope especially in a society where porn and sex addiction is rapidly growing and freely available on every technical device for all, because if they don't I fear we will see the very fabric of our society begin to breakdown."

— Madz Deyzel, Director of Counseling, Grace Family Church, Durban, South Africa

"I was privileged to attend an Uncovering event that Brian Fowler hosted in Pretoria in 2018. I witnessed the supremacy of the Holy Spirit breaking through the stronghold of sexual addiction in the lives of many of the attendees. It was humbling to see how this course touched the lives of people in an irrevocable way, changing the trajectories of their lives significantly. Sexual addiction is a scourge of our modern society, one that destroys people and families, one that even entangles young, impressionable minds. It would be phenomenal to continue seeing freedom being bought to this addiction, and I believe that The Uncovering is a powerful way through which to bring this freedom."

— Wendy Greyvensteyn, Psychologist, Johannesburg, South Africa

"I am the young adult pastor at Westville Baptist Church, Westville South Africa and I had the privilege of spending time with Brian during his visit to South Africa in 2017. He ministered at our Sunday services, at which he shared his story and some of the principles found in the Uncovering course. I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Brian and the Uncovering material. Brian Fowler ministers with authenticity and from a place of authority, as he speaks from experience. Brian allows people to be challenged, inspired and motivated by his story and the lessons that he has learned. He speaks on a topic that needs much attention in the church today. Through his personal ministry and the Uncovering course, Brian allows people the space to confront that which they have kept hidden for so long. The course allows people to uncover and deal with sexual addiction in a healthy and Godly way. I highly recommend getting involved with Brian's ministry and taking the time to attend courses that he may put together."

— Dylan Smith, Young Adult Pastor at Westville Baptist Church

"Brian Fowler has been a very positive person in both our son's life, and in my husband's and mine. Our son struggled for 20 plus years of porn addiction before we ever knew what he was dealing with. Brian mentored our son with both group and one to one counseling when he was finally ready to admit he had a problem. I have been so supported by Brian as a mother while we were going through many serious situations relating to our son's emotional health. The pornography had ruined many relationships in his life, and it took Brian's counseling and encouragement and friendship to get him back on track. Our son says that Brian is the one person who helped him the most and got him willing to work at his addiction. Personally, I have called Brian at different times with concerns, and he has always taken the time to share his wisdom and encouragement. Brian has spoken in our church both to the young married couples Sunday School class, and our class which is more the 40-65 year old age range. His story has opened the eyes of many in our church. His presentation is clear and very informative, something our churches need to hear. I am impressed with Brian as a person with great characteristics and also someone easy to talk to."

Nancy K., Mother of Steve K.

"I have known Brian for over 20 years. I consider him a close friend. I have served as a licensed clinical social worker, for many years in West Michigan. Over the years in my practice I have referred clients to Brian on several occasions. Brian has had a heart towards men's ministry as long as I have known him. Brian has developed a curriculum for helping men with sexual compulsive behavior called, The Uncovering. I think the groups that Brian has led using this material have significantly helped many men. Brian's ability to empathize and relate to men is born from personal experience and living the principles he teaches. Brian not only invests in the men he works with, but also invests in his personal recovery and growth. Brian possesses the skills of leadership; he is a self starter and has demonstrated a high level of perseverance in his ministry pursuits. As good of a ministry leader as Brian is, he is a better friend. He is faithful, available and has a phenomenal sense of humor. Brian is also an engaged father and spouse. Brian continues to have the 'fire in the belly' that is needed to make a difference in people's lives. Brian is a gifted beautiful man. I totally endorse him."

— Dan DeNooyer, Clinical Social Worker, LMSW

"I have known Brian for over 5 years now. I first met him during a men's conference at Central Wesleyan, in Holland. I was drawn to him mostly because of his genuine vulnerability, combined with compassion and hope, in front of about 30 men. Brian has a heart for encouraging men to live healthy, wholesome lives. He has been a great source of encouragement to me personally. Thanks to God's grace and Brian's heart, I have become a better man as a result of his friendship."

—Jeff G.

"I have known Brian for about 4 years. He has been a great life coach, assisting in my addiction recovery. Brian has been personable in one-on-one sessions and also has leadership skills in a group setting. He is a man of integrity and dedicated to his work. He has been an inspiration in my life, as well as many others with addictions. I know Brian will strive to be the best in what he does. Brian is passionate about assisting others. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone with an addiction and wants help with recovery."

— Matt V.

"I am writing to you in strong support of Mr. Brian Fowler for a position ministering to those suffering from addiction. I have known Mr. Fowler for the last 4 years and have found his counsel and friendship to be extremely helpful in addressing my own struggles with addiction. He is an extremely spiritual, as well as a pragmatic counselor with a true heart for those who struggle in this area. He has always made me feel accepted as a child loved by God, yet holding me accountable for my own choices in life. He has been a blessing to me and if there is any other way in which I can help support his nomination for this position please do not hesitate to contact me."

— Robert H.

"I had the chance to work through a very long term addiction, over the last several years, under the leadership of Brian. He has demonstrated grace and compassion while walking along side of me through very difficult discussions. He brings a rigorous honesty with his own journey and has proven to be trustworthy with any topic shared. More importantly, his friendship is true and I am thankful for his coaching and encouragement. I would not be this far in my journey without him."

— Michael N.

"I have known and have been helped by Brian over the course of 7 years! He has been a great help and mentor for me through my porn addiction! He would be a great addition to any new or existing program dealing with addictions! A great Christian man and friend!"

— Glenn H.

"I met Brian Fowler about 8 years ago when I was really struggling with an addiction. I found his life coaching ministry online. I went through his 14 week course at that time and again a year later. For a time, I attended group sessions after that. Everything in his course is biblically based. Brian has the ability to draw out your story while not judging you. He expects complete honesty and gives you the same. My life has changed for the better since going on a journey with him. I learned how to share and most of all recognize 'trigger spots' in my life."

— Leon N.

"Brian had a huge impact in my personal journey towards freedom from sexual addiction. Brian understood me in a way that previous counselors could not. I knew that whatever I shared with Brian he could resonate with because of his past journey. I felt safe to be brutally honest, which is critical throughout the recovery process. He has the knowledge, compassion, and tools that were necessary for me to recover, be transformed, and have a new life filled with hope. I think highly of Brian and he will forever be appreciated by me and my family."

— Steve K., Uncovering Weekly Graduate