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Sexual Addiction Coaching

Recovery coaching comes in a variety of packages to best meet the need of the individual. See payment/cost options on the payment link. Contact us today if you have any questions about our addiction coaching work.

1. The Uncovering Workbook

Written by Brian Fowler from his own recovery journey and life experiences. He shares what he has learned, in the 12 lessons of the Uncovering program. This is a 116-page workbook with questions for you to reflect on and write out your thoughts, at the end of each lesson. This has a Biblical and Christian viewpoint but, is very practical for every recovering sex addict. You will be able to relate to the struggle and gain insights, even if you are in doubt about your own spiritual path. We look at the 12 steps and their Biblical principles, as well as give many resources that will strengthen your knowledge about sexual addiction and recovery in general.

The Uncovering Workbook


2. Weekly Small Group

When God brings a minimum of three guys to an agreement on a mutually acceptable day and time to meet, we form a small grace-group, for this fourteen-week journey we call The Uncovering. It is amazing when men come together in honesty and trust one another with their life story.


3. Weekly One-on-One

Work through the twelve lessons in fourteen weeks during these private weekly coaching sessions. This is often the most convenient way to fit recovery into your schedule. These can be in person or through virtual programs like Skype, Face Time, Meet Google, or Go To Meeting.


4. One Day

This session involves powerful recovery coaching for men who are looking for healing and empathy. We believe sharing your story is a pathway to healing and the way out of shame. During these 24 hours, we will meet you where you are on your journey. Anything goes – bring your pain, your doubts, your anger, and your questions. Brian has been there and understands your shame and hopelessness. Share your Fourth Step, look with Brian at the six missing keys to recovery, and find the power of embracing your new identity and new names. We will spend 12 hours in sessions, plus homework, meals, and sleep times.


5. Intensive 48 Hours

This intensive is designed for the most impact and benefit of the individual seeking hope and freedom. It extends over a 48 hour, 2 days, with the exact details to be discussed and arranged. We will spend 18 hours in sessions, plus homework, meals, and sleep times.