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The 12 Lessons

We are dedicated to uncovering the lies, the secrets, the wounds, the pain, and the stories that hide enable the behaviors behind pornography addiction and more. We help you uncover your magnificence, your inner goodness and giftedness, and who you have been created to become, as one created in the image of God. We are about far more than uncovering secrets, shame, and lies.

Let us consider the fullness of the reality that we are created in the image of God. The glory of God is man fully alive. The Uncovering program will create a safe place for God to do His work, as together we share stories, discover truth, find healing, and seek hope, love, and freedom as we explore the following life lessons. Call today to learn more about our powerful life coaching services.

1. Everyone has a story. So now what?

The need to be known, heard, understood, loved and accepted. Uncovering our wounds, trauma, shame, secrets, and patterns to a safe person who can show the unconditional love of God. Realizing that we are not unique, but special. Not a victim but a victor. Not powerless when connected, and not hopeless when living in the truth! We will start by sharing our stories, discovering what wounds we have in common and how we can move forward in healing and forgiveness.


2. Rigorous Honesty. The Shame Buster.

Establishing confidentiality, taking a personal inventory, admitting the problem, allowing others in, confession, asking for help, building trust, and getting it out in the open. The truth will begin to set us free.



How bad do you really want to change? Are you willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, regardless of the consequences? Are you willing to surrender? What if it costs you your job, your marriage, your reputation? Progress, not perfection – your part, written, spoken, shared, confessed, daily, ongoing. Are you willing to do your part?



How do we access the power of God? Does He care? Why has He not helped me? Why does religion not work? How can I see God and feel His presence? What is true freedom? What are your thoughts and understanding of God? Recreating our God image and understanding the relationship He desires us to have with Him and the people around us.


5. Goal Setting. Connecting the Dots.

How many times have you failed? Why set goals? Short-term goals, tangible, long-term, realistic, specific, rewards, consequences, accountability. How can we set goals, learn to keep our promises, reward ourselves, be accountable, renegotiate failure, and build a future worth living?


6. Forgiveness and Trust. The Way Out.

A look at resentment, bitterness, anger, rage, letting go, getting off it, letting them off the hook, God, self, him, her, them. Without forgiveness, you will be stuck, hopeless, in bondage and unforgiven. The first step out is forgiving the past and building a new trust in the future. We'll explore forgiving God and building trust in a forgiving God, forgiving yourself and building trust in yourself, one step at a time.


7. The Promises and Faith. Hope for the Future.

Are parts of your life a mess, unmanageable, out of control, broken, hopeless, and you don't see a hope for the future? Do you have a vision that will carry you through the pain of transformation? Together, we can build faith in God, look at promises and possibilities that seem impossible. Without hope, a man will perish in repeating the pain of his past. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Let's take a look at the promises of God and the 12-step program.


8. Self-Love. The Foundation for Loving.

How can we love others if we don't love ourselves? We will look into love, hate, cherish, pain, nurture, stress, balance, failure, rest, selfishness, joy, pride, all or nothing. Together, we will find new and essential ways toward loving ourselves. In order to build a foundation for loving others, we must discover the secrets of healthy living and self-love. The foundation for loving self is understanding the unconditional love of the perfect Father.


9. Grace and Acceptance. Building a Bridge.

What is unconditional love and acceptance? Is it possible? Who can give it? What is the new covenant? Living as our word, keeping promises, breaking commitments, a look at re-negotiating, asking forgiveness, finding our way back to God, to right living. Finding grace and acceptance are essential building blocks to healing the heart and mind!


10. Affirmations. Transforming the Mind.

Are affirmations silly or transforming? What are the lies that you poison your mind with daily? Changing negative self-talk, self-condemning, self-hatred, core lies, and belief systems. Why do we talk to ourselves in ways we would never talk to our best friend? The power of positive affirmations, written, spoken, heard, visual, audible, daily, self, others, rewriting the thoughts and belief systems that have kept us stuck in lies and self-destructive behaviors.



Can any good come from the pain? Can "all things" really work together for good? Can marriages work after the damage has been done? Find a life that is worth living. Where are we going? Who will go with us? When the pain is greater than the pleasure, we will turn from death choices to life choices. Find true freedom. Choose life!



Taking the focus off your problems and helping others will refocus your life and bring value from destruction. When you begin to dance, you will want to show others the way out. And when you watch others struggle, it will encourage you to stay out and keep dancing.